Matica – Association of Croatian Trade Unions

Matica – Association of Croatian Trade Unions is a higher level organisation as defined by the Labour Act, which means that it has the right to participate in the social dialogue, and its representative is a member of the Economic and Social Council. In this way, trade unions, i.e. their members, work together in order to effectively and efficiently protect the financial and social interests of their members and improve the development of their activities. Matica currently has over 64,000 members in 11 affiliated trade unions.

About the project

Matica – Association of Croatian Trade Unions is the social partner organization of the project financed within the European Social Fund (ESF) – “Strengthening of Social Dialogue”. The funds allocated by the ESF for the implementation of the project amount to EUR 78,045.37, and the total value of the project is EUR 86,726.71. The project started in October 2014 and will be implemented by 15 October 2015. The main activity carried out under the project is “The strengthening of organizational skills and the capacity of trade unions with the aim of improving and ensuring the sustainability of social dialogue.” The activities carried out as part of the action are aimed at carrying out training seminars for trade union commissioners and members of trade unions affiliated with Matica on topics related to the field of labour law, collective bargaining agreements, the role of trade unions in society, and other related issues in the area of social dialogue. In addition to the above, attention will be paid to the promotion of social dialogue mechanisms, and this will be geared towards the target groups and project beneficiaries. The objectives of the project focus on raising awareness of the importance of these topics among social partners in the sectors we represent. By strengthening the position of trade unions as vital partners in the process of social dialogue we contribute to the development of a sustainable dialogue and the promotion of workers’ rights.

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